Revamp flagged for discrimination act ahead of gay marriage vote, says it’s about fairness and the right to be honest

Revamp flagged for discrimination act ahead of gay marriage vote, says it’s about fairness and the right to be honest

Australia우리카지노‘s postal workers’ union has criticised the government’s postal reform legislation, warning that it could “put gay marriage on the back burner”.

The postal workers’ union, the Australian Postal Workers Union, has launched a $10,000 “reform campaign” to stop the postal service, which it says is not adequately protecting workers, from being made more fair.

The postal service will be stripped of its paid leave entitlements for working as well as being forced to spend the extra months on mandatory sick leave from October next year.

Employees will also see a reduction in sick leave payments and the amount of cash they receive each jarvees.comweek reduced from $10 a week to $5.

The legislation will also make it harder for those who live far away from the capital to claim welfare and a further reduction to the age of eligibility for Newstart benefits for a longer period of time.

But for its own employees, who rely heavily on the federal government’s benefits, the postal service, which employs nearly 1 million people, will be affected the most.

“These reforms will make us look like a low-class state to our fellow Australians, and make it harder for us to make ends meet,” the postal workers union said in a statement on Tuesday.

“These changes to the postal service will put gay marriage on the back burner – they will force postal workers to change their union work and, further, threaten the future of our nation as a state. We must do more than merely protest on the front foot. We must fight back.”

The change will mean that “every person in Australia aged 20-74 will only be able to claim welfare and get assistance to pay for themselves and their family during their working years”, it said.

The postal workers union’s바카라사이트 president, Jim Maund, said in a statement that it was important to support the post office, who had been a “national force” for 40 years.

“There has been a growing national movement for gay marriage, supported by business groups including the World Economic Forum, the Australian National Employees Union (ANAWEU) and the Australian Council of Trade Unions,” he said.

“These changes would effectively shut down postal services across the nation.

“By removing a tool that helps the postal service to serve the community and to protect our rights, the proposed changes will only hurt those most adversely affected.”

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