Confusion surrounds shiite hostage rescue

Confusion surrounds shiite hostage rescue

By the time he spoke to them, one of his captors had opened fire on the group. A second gunman then opened fire on him before surrendering.

The hostages were later taken to the hospital and are being treated for injuries.

A second hostage was shot while fleeing from the facility.

He was in intensive care, but is expected to recover.

Shiite militias and their allies in the Iranian-backed Syrian rebels continue fighting over the city of Idlib.

There have been repeated incidents of sectarian violence targeting Shia Muslims in the capital since the fighting broke out, including in June when at least 17 people were killed in a bomb attack at a funeral.

The killing was the second in a week, after dozens of other Sh바카라 스토리ia Muslims were killed during a bomb attack on an army convoy this month.

Meanwhile, the Syrian military said it has reached an agreement with Shiites to keep areas under the control of their communities under supervision.

However, the deal came under fire for not being implemented.

Sectarian violence

An activist group monitoring the Syrian conflict says at least 23,000 people have fled to neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq부천출장샵 and Egypt to escape Syria’s civil war.

It said the vast majority had fled to Turkey, Qat강릉출장샵구로 출장 안마ar and other Middle Eastern countries.

The BBC’s Middle East editor Gordon Corera says tensions have flared among pro- and anti-government forces in many parts of Syria.

There were also reports that some rebel groups have made concessions, in particular for Sunnis to vote in local elections.

Pro-government groups accuse all parties to the conflict of stoking sectarian violence, while their opposition say they have been driven underground.

In recent weeks, pro-government forces have stepped up their assault against the opposition in some areas of the country.